What do we offer?


RIO KOMPANI is a company that will help you find your perfect stone with a team that really cares. We are able to provide our customers with an impressive inventory of exotic and standard materials.

Complete offer with processing and installation of the same with all related materials, by our staff for installation, and we are valuable for the architect, the owner and the construction company.

Building materials


In the past and today Onyx as an expensive natural stone retained its presence in many rooms in the home. Onyx is scratch resistant and extremely easy to maintain. Beautiful semi-transparency, and different colors of Onyx will bring luxury to your premises.


Today, the granite is widely applied in the world as a stone for coating on all surfaces, without restrictions, because it is permanent and has a beautiful color. An important feature of granite is the ability to polish up to high gloss, to retain the decorative, glossy and immutable look.


Marble is one of the materials that is always in vogue. His appearance, color or shape is changing, but never applied. As one of the most sought after materials for interior renovations, marble will bring a new level of elegance to your home or business. The marbles of the marble make it easier for you to combine your living room, bath, you can lay fireplaces, stairs, floors.


Combining nature and technology, these products are easy to maintain because they are resistant to scratches, stains and cracks. This material is perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and any interior space.


It is used primarily for coating vertical surfaces and the interior and exterior. travertine with distinct strip texture, with ocher brown color, the ribbons are different tinted and easier.


Decorative Stones are a product of variation of natural stones after a special process in rotating cylinders. Our company offers many types of pebbles in various colors of different natural stone such as marble (White Thassos), sandstone, granite and others. Decorative Stones are the most beautiful solution to decorate your yard.


Be inspired and add decoration to your yard. We believe that professionalism is in the details, that is why we offer a wide range of decorative gems to the yard, to complement each style.


The global style in interior design allows for the presence of the treasures of world cultures in your home. The rich mosaics made of ceramic tiles are specific to Latin America, but also to countries such as Morocco, Spain, Italy, etc.


ceramic plates with sizes from 1000x3000 to 1620x3240 mm and thicknesses from 3 to 20 mm. All colors can be used for floors, exterior walls and work tables, including kitchen utensils. Laminate 12+ can also be used in wet areas.


Another sector of this company is the production of doors and windows made of wood and plastic, with standard dimensions and according to your order. In order to achieve our goal, which is satisfying the requirements of our customers, we constantly cater for quality improvement.


Rio Kompani offers flooring solutions for your home. The Rio Kompani laminate flooring provides elegant design and aesthetics, high resistance to damage, quick and easy installation. Last time laminate flooring is an improved system that does not require any adhesives. They are easy to maintain, scratch-resistant, etc.


As in the past and today, ceramic tiles as a floor covering have retained their presence on the floor in kitchens, bathrooms, etc. They are resistant to scratches and are extremely simple to maintain.


Making all kinds of kitchens to measure.

Rio Kompani

With a wide range of stone options, we are here to help you which type of stone is suitable for your project.

Our experienced team for your needs is available 7 days a week, we cater for everything from stand-alone stores to large commercial or residential projects. We are proud to offer a wide range of solutions to your desires, from simple to most complex decisions that we help you to solve for your residential premises.