Rio Kompani originally started business in the early 1990s. The main goal of this company was opening a market for all necessary building materials. The long period of time since the beginning of the business, effective leadership management, that is, dedicated and consistent organization, resulted in high productivity and quality of products from this company.


Increasing the number of products ranging from building materials, marble and granite, tiles and sanitation, doors and windows, nutrients like flour and cereals gives us only one unique address Rio Kompani. Rio Kompani is a corporation with many branches of production. Based on the construction needs of the customer, the arrangement and the completion of the house, the company's flexibility is ready to respond to all of the customers' concerns.




Rio Kompani with a long experience in its work has been presented through many events, where it has openly advertised the qualities of its products. Among the most important fairs where they participated are: The fair in Italy, that is Verona and Bologna, the Istanbul Fair in Istanbul, the fair in Greece-Thessaloniki, Bangalore in India and so on.

With two decades of work experience, it has reached the peak to promote the fulfillment of consumer needs, offering the highest quality and correction of the services it offers.

Expanding the consumer market using our company's services was the basic goal that was fulfilled after we expanded the boundaries across Europe, offering more sophisticated processing of natural stones, using the most advanced technology imported from Italy, which allows us to single out the size of the stone, transforming it into different shapes, while maintaining and projecting all the features of natural stone.


Our facilities are located in the industrial zone on the main road Tetovo-Gostivar, namely in Gradec the main location in which cutting and processing of natural stone, decorative stones are presented. Porcelain and ceramic tiles, wooden doors and other products of mediapan, building materials and the like, where most of the products are imported from well-known mines around the world.

The exhibition space and offices of the company are also located in Gradec and Tetovo.

The company Rio Company is also representative of Italian boards for various purposes known as LAMINAM, which are exhibited in different sizes on the premises of the company.